TechFaster – a startup to launch Technology News Aggregator Curated by Techies


Why, with various news aggregators and RSS feeds, do techies need another tech news source might you ask? Stantons answer is simple: Technology news should be handpicked by experts, not algorithms. There is simply no substitute for flesh-and-blood editors and industry experts in determining which articles will be useful and relevant to techies.

TechFaster has assembled an impressive team of editors and tech experts in Charleston, South Carolinas Digital Corridor to comb through and parse over 200 news sources around the clock, and serve up Byte Sized Tech News in a delicious new format. TechFasters website has been live for 6 weeks in Beta, and as of today will formally launch. Its clean design and extremely intuitive navigation bring a welcome breath of fresh air to daily tech headlines. Whats more, TechFaster updates over 200 times a day.

Stanton explains, The world is getting smaller. Everything is moving faster. There are more and more people doing amazing things, and more and more people making a whole lot of noise. How can people expect to cut through the noise and stay top of all the latest news out there in tech? TechFaster aims to be the only place techies have to go to get the latest and greatest tech news. No noise. Just the cool, interesting, and important stuff.

Perhaps the most exciting offerings TechFaster brings to the table are its iPhone and Android mobile apps which will give techies the flexibility of getting tech news anytime, anywhere, on their smartphones. The Android app is up and running and the iOS release will follow in a couple of weeks. You may download the Android app now. The clean design and intuitive navigation of the desktop platform parlay directly into the TechFaster mobile apps, making for an extremely satisfying user experience on the go.

TechFaster has designed both the desktop and mobile platforms to make sharing tech articles over social networks simple. TechFaster is a Tweeters paradise: with one click, readers can post articles to their Twitter feeds with all the appropriate citations and hash-tags already in place. TechFaster has also made sharing over Facebook, Google+, or just old-fashioned e-mail simple and straightforward.

With increasingly busy schedules, we believe that there is a clear need for a fast, concise, and simple news aggregator for technology-related news. By combining a simple website interface and clean mobile app, we feel like we have achieved that goal with We look forward to user feedback in the coming weeks, says Stanton.

TechFaster is based in Charleston, SC, and located at the Charleston Digital Corridor Flagship 2 Building. The company was founded in 2011.